Hubbert Food Trailer

12 800€ + VAT

We are an Estonian company, specialized in manufacturing food trailers for European market. Our design is eye-catching and trendy with a cool nostalgic vibe. We use modern equipment and materials to build catering trailers, to have a reliable, functional and long-lasting result. Our products meet the EU requirements and quality expectations.

You are very welcome to visit us in Estonia. We are a family business and have individual approach to all of our Hubbert sales trailers and customers.


Hubbert is perfect for a catering company, who offers smaller range of food or drinks and does not need that much extra space for the kitchen. He has his own specific hit - salads, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, sushi, pastries, ice cream, cocktails, coffee drinks etc. You can furnish the Hubbert based on your needs.

Comparing a food trailer and a food truck, food truck is more expensive and will require more repairs.  If you want flexibility and low maintenance, food trailers are the way to go.